Corporate identity

Nutrilac, Europe’s leading supplier of nutritional supplements

Nutrilac has been working side by side with farming professionals since 1993, applying our conviction, flexibility and culture of innovation to optimise the potential of livestock. For many years Nutrilac has been France’s leading name in the field of self-service feed supplements (lickable formats), and a major supplier of all forms of dietary and nutritional supplements.

Nutrilac’s expertise covers a broad range of species and medicines, united by the same shared objectives:

  • Boosting zootechnical performance and helping animals to express their full genetic potential,
  • Satisfying animals’ instinctive needs (licking feed, the urge to explore, etc.) in order to increase their well-being,
  • Maximising the efficiency of feed rations, allowing animals to satisfy their own dietary needs or providing more targeted solutions.

Key Figures

4 new products per year
24 000 tonnes produced each year
65% of our output is sold in France
85% of our output takes the form of super-targeted bespoke products

Our DNA, 4 founding principles

Day after day, our technical prowess is plain to see in the efficacy of our solutions. This success is rooted in our firm conviction that nutrition, animal welfare and performance are all part of a virtuous circle.

  • Agility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our day-to-day priority: listening to farmers and satisfying their requirements.

  • A deep understanding of farming.

Our philosophy is all about delivering sustainable performance for farmers.

  • Innovation.

“If you’re not creative, you have no control over your destiny.” Renowned for our commitment to innovation, Nutrilac regularly invests in ICT projects and biological research, seeking out solutions for today’s challenges and the challenges of the future.


  • 1993 Foundation of NUTRILAC, an extension of the ‘Livestock feed fabrication workshop’ originally established by the Verton cooperative dairy.
  • 1993 Launch of the exclusive CoolMix production process.
  • 1995 First European exports.
  • 1997 CALYPAC® launched.
  • 1999 2nd production line inaugurated.
  • 2003 QS Certification.
  • 2004 Launch of Lactomel®.
  • 2006 Introduction of barcode traceability.
  • 2010 Launch of S-MAX.
  • 2011 OQUALIM certification.
  • 2014 Modernisation of our administrative infrastructure .
  • 2015 Creation of the perpetual experimentation programme ‘Proof of our Promise’, and launch of the Nutrilac Experience training programme.
  • 2016 GMP+ certification.
  • 2017 ISO 9001 certification.

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