Multi-species, multi-medicine, multi-format expertise

Based in Verton (Pas-de-Calais), Nutrilac designs, formulates and sells innovative, high-performance nutrition solutions in two main categories: freely-administered supplements (tubs, dishes, troughs, blocks, lickable bricks etc.) and applied nutritional supplements (bolus, granules, pastes, gels etc.)

The Nutrilac Biotech range includes all of our solutions for preserving feed rations and forage.


  • self-service nutritional supplements
  • Applied nutritional supplements
  • Acidifying agents and biological inoculants
  • Personalised commercial support
  • Nutrilac Experience training

With a 55% market share in France, NUTRILAC has become the industry’s undisputed leader. Nutrilac is also a leading player on the international stage, exporting products to nearly thirty countries in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

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