A unique programme of perpetual innovation

As part of our intensive experimentation programme, we test a vast array of raw materials, premixes, plant extracts and additives every day. Our goal is to keep pushing back the boundaries and deliver ever more effective solutions for farmers.

Thanks to our network of experimental zootechnical sites paired with high-performance pilot farms in France and throughout Europe, as well as access to Neovia’s We’Nov Global Innovation Centre, Nutrilac conducts original research all year round in partnership with leading names in the fields of nutritional additives and genetics, agro-suppliers and independent technical consultants.

This exceptional wealth of cross-checked and scientifically confirmed data allows us to improve our products and share the benefits of our ever more wide-ranging expertise in animal health and nutrition with our partners.


Core products with active ingredients from plant extracts

Our extensive expertise in the farming sector has enabled us to develop highly-effective active formulae, while continuing to explore new combinations of plant extracts and other raw materials selected for their benefits for animal well-being.

Composed of key plant extracts, these core products are designed to stimulate salivation, boost the immune system, boost fertility or reduce the ammonia content of the rumen. These products are available as self-service licking buckets or doses for direct application.


Calypac 2.0, a revolutionary innovation in packaging

Our exclusive Calypac sealing system (hermetic, high-resistance film applied to the seal opening) is the only option on the market capable of guaranteeing the perfect conservation of the components which make up our products:

  • Completely sealed off from the outside environment, for guaranteed stability,
  • Optimised shelf life,
  • Products stay fresh throughout their whole life cycle,
  • The product’s excellent adhesion to the packaging ensures that none gets lost or wasted,
  • Anti-UV protection, the only such product on the market,
  • Easier to store.

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