CoolMix, a unique asset

High-performance farming systems deserve the chance to reach their full potential. Standardised feed cannot cover all of the individual nutritional requirements of a herd. Nutrilac helps farmers to secure, optimise and maximise their feed investments with the help self-service products which supplement standard animal feed, all with the help of our unique formulation and fabrication process: CoolMix.

Optimal formulation with no limits

Nutrilac is a pioneer of CoolMix technology, based on an exclusive formulation technique and a unique fabrication process which allows products to gain mass naturally in their packaging. As long as they are kept away from pressured environments and excessive temperatures, the different components of the formula are fully preserved. This allows for:

  • use of a broad spectrum of sensitive raw materials and technical additives with high added value,
  • unprecedented levels of customisation and flexibility,
  • a unique texture and great variety in terms of firmness, aroma and flavour, adapted to the biological specificities and preferences of different species,
  • long shelf-life, thanks also to Calypac.

The CoolMix fabrication technology is based on rigorous selection of the raw materials used to produce lickable feed blocks and granules. These materials are chosen in accordance with the strictest quality criteria in existence .

An optimal quality policy

Nutrilac holds QS, OQUALIM, GMP+, Ecocert, ISO 9001 certifications.


Self-service feed supplements: a boost for performance and animal well-being

Farming systems are increasingly adopting a sustainable approach to increasing competitiveness. For animals to be more productive, they require greater care in terms of the mineral supplements they receive to maintain their health .

More than a simple mineral supplement, CoolMix technology makes Nutrilac feed tubs a powerful tool for boosting the potential of your herd.

  • Optimised nutritional goodness for improved animal welfare

Our CoolMix fabrication technology means that Nutrilac lickable feed blocks come in a practically unlimited array of textures and formulations, tailored to the needs of different species and ages.

Their nutritional richness – made possible by complex formulae and the use of high-value, highly-sensitive ingredients (such as vitamins and live yeasts) – guarantees their long-lasting effectiveness:

  • Satisfying grazing animals’ instinct to lick,
  • Satisfying animals’ desire to explore new things,
  • Optimising feed rations and aiding digestion,
  • Stimulating the microbial flora in the rumen,
  • A free supply of minerals, energy and other dietary supplements.


  • High resistance to adverse weather conditions

Our fabrication process ensures that NUTRILAC blocks are of uniform texture with no micro-fissures, allowing them to remain stable even when temperature and humidity levels vary: rain cannot soak into our products, and sun won’t dry them out. Their consistency remains unchanged, whereas in compressed buckets the consistency will change as rainwater is soaked up or the contained water is evaporated.


  • No waste

The product sticks firmly to the bucket, ensuring that none is lost in the trough or feed tray. Combined with Nutrilac FIXO support units, the buckets can be positioned at just the right height for the animals.

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