Natural insect repellent for cattle, sheep, goats and horses

For which species?

Dairy cow Beef cattle Sheep Goat Horse

Product advantages
  • Helps protect against biting insects during grazing
  • Available in 1 litre spray bottles and 5 L jugs
  • Why use this product?

    • Protects against external parasites: flies, lice, ticks, myiasis
    • Composed of natural plant extracts
  • Instructions for use

    Natu’fly Spray is used externally as a repellent. Spray onto the animals (the back, head, legs) when the weather first begins to get warm.

    Repeat every 4 weeks.

    . Adult cattle: 50 ml

    . Young cattle: 30 ml

    . Goats: 15 ml

    . Sheep: 15 ml

    . Horses: 50 ml

    Solve the calculation: + 85 = 93