Feed supplement for horses and ponies at pasture

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Product advantages
  • Contains G-MAX, a garlic complex known for its ability to repel insects due to its smell
  • Contains HARPAGO-MAX to strengthen the locomotor system
  • Net weight: 18 kg
  • Why use this product?

    EQUl’PASSION ADULT SUMMER provides energy, quality protein, minerais, trace elements and vitamins. lt covers the maintenance needs of your horse or pony at pasture when given in addition to the basic ration (grass and/or hay).

    EQUl’PASSION ADULT SUMMER contains two plant complexes:

    • G-MAX, a garlic complex known for its ability to repel insects due to its smell,
    • HARPAGO-MAX to strengthen the locomotor system.

    EQUl’PASSION ADULT SUMMER contains live yeast, which enables the animal to derive more benefits from the fodder and improves digestive comfort.

  • Instructions for use

    Average daily individual consumption is 200 g per 100 kg of body weight, or 500 g for a 250 kg pony or 1 kg for a 500 kg horse. You will need one bucket for every 3 horses or ponies at pasture, and remember to space the buckets out sufficiently to avoid competition between individuals.

    The EQUl’PASSION ADULT SUMMER bucket has a handle for easy carrying.

    The handle can be removed atter setting the bucket out for the horses. Due to the presence of harpagophytum (Devil’s Claw) in the composition, this minerai lick must not be given to competition ponies or horses or pregnant mares.

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