Dietary feed supplement for horses

For which species?


Product advantages
  • Compensates the elektrolyte loss in case of strong sweating
  • Minors reactions to stress
  • Canister of 1 and 5 litres
  • Why use this product?

    EQUI’PASSION ELECTROLYTES compensates the elektrolyte loss in case of strong sweating.

    EQUI’PASSION ELECTROLYTES┬áminors reactions to stress.

    Negative laboratory analyzes for forbidden natural food substances.

  • Instructions for use

    Dissolve 50 ml (1 dose) in 2 litres of water and place it in a bucket.

    Administer 2 days before the effort and right afterwards.

    Provide the animal constantly with clean water.

    Solve the calculation: 51 + = 52