Toplick horse foal spark

Complementary feed for horses

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Product advantages
  • Accompagnies the foal through weaning
  • Secures and optimizes the growth
  • Contributes to the limitation of parasitic impact
  • Palatable and weather-resistant
  • Why use this product?

    TOPLICK Horse Foal Spark is a complementary feed which can be made available to leisure horses and ponies throughout the year, in the pasture as well as in the stall.

    TOPLICK Horse Foal Spark is formulated to secure  weaning and accompany the young animals during their growth, a sensitive lifecycle phase.

    TOPLICK Horse Foal Spark prepares the dietary transition thanks to a balanced protein and energy supply and hence contributes to the limitation of stress related to weaning.

    TOPLICK Horse Foal Spark:

    • is enriched with iodine, selenium and vitamin E to stimulate the animal’s natural defense .
    • supplies phosphor and calcium, for a good ossification, as well as vegetable  oil for a harmonious growth,
    • supplies zinc and copper to support the development of the joints
    • is rich in sugars, for an excellent palatability and the development of the  intestinal flora to increase fibre ingestion from an early age.

    TOPLICK Horse Foal Spark participates in the integrated pest management thanks to the contained plant actives PARA-MAX.

    The CALYPAC sealing system guarantees the freshness and the long-term conservation of the bucket.

  • Instructions for use

    • TOPLICK Horse Foal Spark is solely intended for leisure horse/pony feed.
    • Leave TOPLICK Horse Foal Spark at the disposal of the animals from an early age, in the stable as well as in the pasture. The expected consumption is 100 g per day and per horse.
    • Plan one 15 kg bucket for 3 horses (wherever outside or inside).

    Do not use for other animals than species mentioned above. Do not use for competition horses or ponies.

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