Supporting and steering your development

Customer satisfaction has always been Nutrilac’s top priority, inspiring us to develop flagship brands which are classics of animal nutrition (Blockemel, Minilic and Forza, to name but a few), while also acquiring extensive experience in the field of private label products (85% of our output).

From product formulation through packaging design and up to market launch, our offers are exclusive, flexible, distinctive and tailored to your precise requirements.

Made-to-measure formulation

Working with our team of formulation specialists gives you access to our patented CoolMix procedure and the technical excellence of the Nutrilac production facility. All formulae can be precisely tailored to suit different:

  • Species,
  • Physiological conditions,
  • Specific requirements,
  • Target regions.

This is YOUR formula. We fine-tune it to your needs with the help of our vast repertory of innovative, high-quality ingredients.

Personalise your container design

Tailored to suit your volumes, the positioning of your customers and your zootechnical objectives, our solutions are compatible with the latest developments on the market. We offer a huge range of packaging formats (from 5kg to 1 tonne) to suit the demands of your commercial strategy.

From tubs to barrels, our colourful and practical packaging options can be adapted to your specifications to create a coherent, distinctive product range.

CLS processing

Packaging to match your image

At Nutrilac, we understand the importance of standing out. That’s why we work closely with you to sculpt the visual identity of your product range, with input from our advertising specialists. Our goal is to maximise the coherency of your brand image, with products that farmers will identify with.

For your high-value products, we can offer high-definition digital branding. The watchwords of this process are aesthetic quality, practical appeal, responsiveness and quality.

CLS processing

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