Nutrilac Experience, more than just a training course!

Nutrilac has always been committed to forming close partnerships with our clients. Building on the innovation and quality which characterise our product range, in 2015 we launched a raft of original training modules. These modules offer a unique, fully-personalised blend of business coaching, training and team-building.

Nutrilac Experience is different from other training courses available on the market: our modules focus on practical know-how, which can be used immediately in the field, creating memorable moments, stimulating creative thought, boosting sales and enhancing your image. More than a training course, we offer an experience which will benefit your employees and your customers, with contributions from a network of international experts.

Turn-key solutions

Whatever the audience – your key support staff, your sales team or your customers – and whatever the location – organised in our offices or on your premises – our training courses are tailored to your needs and your development objectives.

Multidisciplinary modules for an original approach

Nutrilac Experience training sessions combine elements of coaching, team building and classes on specific technical and commercial subjects.

Examples of technical training:

  • Rumen, the key to sustainable performance
  • The challenges of managing large herds: immunity, fertility, healthy bones, feeding
  • Maintaining the performance of intensive systems
  • Examples of commercial training:
  • Sustainable performance, another vision of responsible business
  • Biostimulant development strategies

Get in touch to ask about your next seminar. It’s an experience you won’t forget!

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